I render out some XDCAM HD 422 1080/60i files from my Sony PMW-100. Although they can be edited and viewed in Sony Vegas fine, I have no reliable way to play back the raw MXF files on my PC. I have VLC, and the video looks pretty good, but the audio either plays at 4X speed, or simply stops after a few seconds, and if I click the timeline more than once, VLC crashes. Is that to say VLC doesn't like interlace XDCAM HD 422 MXF recordings, so does other player on my PC? I know that I can view and see MXF file with Sony XDCAM viewer, but MXF footage is not compatible format for most portable devices and can't be shared in YouTube. I need to transcode my 1080/60i MXF files.

I turned to look for some MXF viewer app and I got Aunsoft TransMXF Pro. This MXF viewer is versatile, converting and transcoding MXF files to multi-track video, HD video, MOV, MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPG, etc for playing on PC and portable devices. In order to view XDCAM 422 MXF files in VLC, I deinterlance and transcode 1080/60i MXF to DivX AVI. Here I'd like to share my experience.

Step1. Accurately load MXF to TransMXF Pro

Click "add video" or "add folder" to load MXF file. I dragged several MXF clips to it directly to do batch conversion.

In this step, you may encounter that XDCAM HD MXF with just video but no audio. A suggestion is to click "add folder" to load the entire MXF whole structure folder to avoid of missing audio caused by metadata loss. Then, you can play raw MXF files in the preview window with both audio and video. Meanwhile, the output encoded AVI files will also be with sound.

Snapshot function seems pretty good when preview MXF file.

Step 2: Click the format bar and select "HD Video -> DivX HD Video (*.avi)" for VLC

Click Format bar to choose output format and you can choose MP4, AVI, MKV or other common formats. Here I choose "HD Video -> DivX HD Video (*.avi)", which is supported by nearly all player and portable devices.
I directly enter Avid in the search bar, even faster. The user-friendly format bar of TransMXF Pro will take you less than 30 seconds to select format in this step.

Step3. Deinterlace XDCAM HD422 1080/60i MXF video

Click 摘ditor button and then click "Effect". Tick the checkbox of "Deinterlacing" to deinterlance XDCAM HD422 MXF video. Then the AVI generated from raw MXF files will be played flawlessly in VLC. Here you are allowed to crop unwanted video parts, trim video length and add some special effects. You can preview the raw MXF and output AVI simultaneously here.

Step4. Click convert button in the main interface to transcode MXF to AVI for VLC

TransMXF Pro will run conversion at super fast speed. Not for a while, I got generated DivX HD AVI with perfect video and audio synchronization. And with just a click on "Open output folder", I quickly located the output file.

If you look for MXF viewer app to simply view XDCAM MXF files, or a reliable way to play back the raw MXF files on my PC, Aunsoft TransMXF Pro is professional MXF viewer app to play and see MXF file on PC media player.