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Thread: Cheap hosting in Germany (Frankfurt & Dusseldorf)?

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    Active Member Amigo is on a distinguished road
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    Cheap hosting in Germany (Frankfurt & Dusseldorf)?

    Germany (Frankfurt & Dusseldorf) server location. I need reliable hosting service.
    I require:
    100 gbs of HD, 2 TB of bandwidth, Linux + 24/7 customer support.
    What can you say about QHoster.com and the quality of their hosting services?
    What are your views on their pricing? What host is better? why?

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    Active Member latukk is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2006
    Check out plans from hosting.uk and hostingsource.com. They are cheap and reliable.
    Quick and excellent Custormer Service response. And uptime is high. I recommend them to anybody who are interested in getting quality services at modest rates.

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    Active Member McCandy is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2008
    Use Promo code: happy2018 - 18% lifetime discount.
    QHoster.com is by FAR the best hosting company I have ever used.
    I have dealt with there customer service on several occasions for minor questions and problems (mostly stemming from my lack of knowledge on a particular configuration) and they were happy to fully answer my questions and provide me with code hints to make my site work right.

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    Active Member Knowledge is on a distinguished road
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    I was impressed by QHoster.com server locations: UK (Bristol & Coventry & Maidenhead) , USA (Miami |FL| & Atlanta |GA| & Piscataway |NJ| & Dallas |TX| & Chicago |IL| & Seattle |WA| & Los Angeles |CA| & New York |NY|), Mexico (Mexico City), Canada (Beauharnois).

    It has nice reliability, easy to use control panel and excellent customer support.

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    Active Member Canon is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2008
    I want to say that HostSailor.com is the best European hosting provider.
    The support is great and everyone is very helpful (24/7/365 free online support ).
    You'll be very pleased with their hosting service and even more so, their customer service. Whenever you've got a question, wait time is very short and they clearly walk you through what to do.

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    Active Member M@ster is on a distinguished road
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    I am really happy to have found QHoster.com cPanel web host. They go out of their way to help in anything - one of their staff even incorporated my blog design for me into my site!

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    I am fully satisfied using QHoster.com hosting service and can highly recommend them to any webmaster who is looking for quality and professional hosting services. I am just experienced enough to cause real damage, and they have been patient and helpful at all times.

    Overall, highly recommended. Let's all hope they keep it up...
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