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Thread: very good initiative

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    very good initiative

    First post on here so I would like to thank whoever it is that has made this forum possible. I have tried the editor and find it very instinctive, certainly easy and above all functional. Again my thanks go to those who have made www.webmasterlingo.com possible.
    As somebody who has invested both time and money in this concept I am very pleased to see it gaining momentum and it is very helpful when a site such as this becomes available to the general public. Well all I can wish for upcoming users is that may all you have website of your own soon. I designed mine from www.webdesigningcompany.net, hopefully all of net bees here get a step better ,may we shall have a very healthy discussion on this plateform.

    Hopefully the site can receive some good exposure over the coming weeks, months as the scenario here gathers pace. Good luck and good fortune to everyone.
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