Hey all, sup?

I would like to use LDU (http://ldu.neocrome.net/) for my site, as i like its features and it makes managing your site real easy without becoming as 'taccy' as some PHPNuke sites become

My problem lies with the fact that i dont have the foggiest how to skin it, i have no clue what soever, i would like to keep my current site template at http://21exits.com so does anyone know how to get from the PSD to the final skin?

I read the manuals on there site but they didn't really help me at all

Or, perhaps someone could do this for me? . . . i dont expect you to do it for nothing but i can't pay you cash either, but i could give you 2 templates with full reseller rights which have a combined value of around $50-$70 and with a little work could be worth quite a bit more

Sorry if i posted this is wrong place BTW, but couldn't find where i should put it