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Thread: Lennox Lewis had enough

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    Web Junky Matt is on a distinguished road
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    Lennox Lewis had enough


    Just read this in our local newspaper here, and thought I would share it with you guys
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    I heard about this. He's signed on to do some kind of sports management or something. Good for him. He's underrated, but is truly the best heavyweight boxer of this generation.

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    Full Member VorHost is on a distinguished road
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    I've always admired him. He doesn't get the publicity that others have. I've also heard that he has done well handling the money he's made and is setup for retirement. What a switch from others before him. I wish him all the luck
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    Full Member HellFear is on a distinguished road
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    It's sad to hear that he retired, but with all that money he doesn't need to have a job !

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    Active Member the illest is on a distinguished road
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    Wow, more old news...

    Lennox wasn't the best of this generation... but one of the best.

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    Active Member Fabolous05 is on a distinguished road
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    tell lennox I'll take him on lol

    I've watched a few fights but am not a real boxing fan.

    It's too expensive and not extremely entertaining.

    Maybe in a live event in person I'm sure it would be wicked.

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