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Thread: I need info on Government Grants for small businesses.

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    I need info on Government Grants for small businesses.

    I need info on Government Grants for small businesses.

    Myself and a good friend are looking to start a store front business and we're looking for grants. My friend definately qualify for grants designed for Minority business owners,.

    So if anyone has any experience with grants or know of someone who does (who'd be willing to help us out for free) Please let me know. I dont need weblinks to Grant writing sites unless its you have one thats a big secret. What I really need is easy to understand information that will lead to actual results.

    Thanks alot all.

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    Hmm ... I'm curious. Does anyone one know of any sites?

    I found this site http://www.firstgov.gov/ you can do a search on here for more information and documents.

    This site will defenitly help you find what you're looking for.


    Go to the search section of the site and search for the appropriate keywords

    Hope this helps you out.
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    It can depend on what country you live in. Where do you live?

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    You could always call Matthew Lesko! LOL!

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    ha. do not call the riddler mang. he's just gonna sell you a book that tells you all the crap on grants.gov and truely that is the place to be to get grants. the process takes a while as they require you to sign up through a couple diffrent agencies before you can even begin the regestration process with them. they do ask alot of questions but many of them are mainly for the government to see if what your going to be doing with this money might be something that could be helpful for them. i.e. my friend is trying to start local delivery service (like fedex but more on demand, i'll have it there in an hour) and there isn't one there. you could potentially score a govt. contract with the grant. not a bad deal...
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    check out this section from the Small Business Administration.

    I am certain there is a local SBA in your driving range if you are in the US. I live pretty far out in the sticks and I even have one.

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    I do not know much about government grants, try this website:

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