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Thread: Good Hosting Company

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    Good Hosting Company

    Hi all,

    Just want to let you all know of a great hosting company named hostdime.com I started hosting with them a few months ago and so far they have been great and the price is just right.

    Has anyone else hosted with these guys and how was it for you?

    Or does anyone have any other hosting companies that have been good to them as well?

    I think this is a good area to post this, right?

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    Web Junky Matt is on a distinguished road
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    Yup, this is the right area

    What domain are you hosting with them?
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    Could you provide more details such as what they offer and their prices.

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    Well for example my hosting plan is $9 +1.50/month. The 1.50 is for a static IP. This way I don't have to worry about my domain being a virtual host.

    They have great resseller plans and even cheaper prices then $9 and much more expensive ones too. But my plan gives me 1GB of HD space and 25G of bandtwidth per month. It's great and I get unlimited MySQL DB's plus PHP, unlimited email, ftp and subdomain accounts. It's awesome!

    Check them out and let me know what you think.
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    Full Member Matrix28 is on a distinguished road
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    Sounds good. Thanks for the information.

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    They offer "unlimited hosting" for $35/month... I wouldn't choose this as your host, if someone buys that plan, it will slow down your website tons! There is not a server that has unlimited speed. If you experience lag or downtime, then you know why.
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    . I found a really good offer for web hosting with a company called Digital Media Solutions BOX.
    . They have some good deals on hosting packages even for personal pages. They offer small price hosting with unlimited BW ,email accounts and web mail, just perfect for personal pages or small business pages at just 2 $ on 12 months contract.
    . The company looks promising offering Hosting and Web Design, having a good loading page speed, offering Online Support, and very important, 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
    . They are an Australian Company. Worth to take a look at:

    main page http://www.dmsbox.com

    hosting page http://hosting.dmsbox.com

    Their special offer:

    Special offers
    Hosting Value ! Price $ 2 AUD / Mo ! 12 Mo contract !
    Best for personal or small business web pages.

    - Everything is Unlimited only the WebSpace is limited.
    - 20 MB Web Space
    - Unlimited Web Transfer
    - Ftp, Mysql, PHP, Subdomains, etc
    - Control panel cPanel
    Digital Media Solutions BOX, Melbourne, Australia

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    Full Member richmond is on a distinguished road
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    Web hosting Pakistan

    Well looking nice...


    Web hosting, domain names, web design, web site and email hosting providers for all business sizes

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    Full Member creampuffy is on a distinguished road
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    It's a free web hosting.

    You can use FileManager and FTP
    CGI, PHP, Perl are available
    Subdomain hosting.

    You can use this service immediately after 3 minutes signup.


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    For the good web hosting services,
    Just visit this site this site www.tucktail.com/web-hosting-plans
    As for hosting services, you can order them hosting services and this site is quite good for hosting plans,
    It has the best hosting plans, dedicated servers, dedicated IP, domain name registration and the Site Analysts.............

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