Hey all,

I have a problem....I have a website that I am hosting myself on my own web server at home. I have been updating it through VNC and sometimes through my FTP site. This took quite a while, so I figured, why not use the Publish Web option in FrontPage?
My problem is: it didnt ask for a single password or anything. I have published various other sites through my work with FrontPage, and everytime it would prompt for a password. This is a serious problem because anyone can publish to my site! I just had someone else try it on their computer, and they successfully published. I checked my local securities and there arent any obvious problems screaming "ANYONE CAN PUBLISH!" at me. For all of the C drive, I have only the local admins, and the groups: NETWORK, SERVICE, and SYSTEM set up with permissions.
The site is hosted through IIS 5.0. Are there known security problems with that? Or is it a local permissions problem? Please help!