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Thread: asp.NET, is it worth looking into it

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    Question asp.NET, is it worth looking into it

    Hi guys,

    Some year ago I stopped using asp, because I discovered the beauty of php. Asp is basically a slightly extended VBScript, so one can quickly realize how powerful php is. With functions to do zillion things php leaves outdated asp way behind.

    Nevertheless, asp.NET is supposed to support complete VB, so that means a whole new ball game. What I would like to know is, has anybody used asp.NET so far and how good was the experience.

    Is it worth looking into asp.NET further? There are many companies bonded to asp creator, so they ought to use asp.NET and other .NET technologies.

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    ASP.NET has turned into one of the internets leading dynamic languages. Only trailing PHP by very little. ASP.NET is for windows servers only but has a full list of capabilities. Firstly ASP.NET isnt just VB, VB is only the default language. You can get addons to support other languages as well. ASP.NET is very easy to learn and it comes with a free development environment called Web Matrix. For a more advanced IDE you could Visual Studio .NET. If you can learn PHP then you can learn ASP, and if you like PHP you will like ASP even more.

    Good Luck

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