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Thread: my opinion

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    Account Disabled Optigamer is on a distinguished road
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    my opinion

    I know I haven't made the most posts or anything, but the person that has helped me out the most is The Illest. I think he should win. He went out of his way outside of webmasterlingo and helped me with the coding on my site. He helped me set up forums and went out of his way to be a good member. Not only did he help me, but he is very knowlegable, and posts very regularly. I have not seen one of his posts spam or off topic. I just thought I'd voice my opinion since we're doing that for this contest.

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    Active Member Revenant is on a distinguished road
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    why thats very nice of you.
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    Web Junky Matt is on a distinguished road
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    That's good, it's always nice to see people helping each other. Save this for the poll that is going to be posted for winner nominations
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    Thanks Optigamer.

    Which reminds me, sorry about not posting recently, I've been working on trying to get some stuff sorted out with my forums and also been working on my existing sites and my soon-to-come blog.

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