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Thread: Website design pricing

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    Website design pricing

    Hello All

    I've been doing some work for a while now in my country. I live in the caribbean and the whole concept of website development firms is new. The thing is I've realised that people are finally taking web design seriously here and I want to take advantage of that.

    The thing is though I'm trying to come up with a pricing scheme. I mainly do work eith Databases, CSS, PHP, Javascript, HTML etc and I have other people focused on design. Any suggestions? I'm tired of shooting in the dark.


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    Well, no one can tell you what pricing scheme you should use is. For one thing, I doubt any of us are from where you are, and God knows economies are different everywhere...

    Basically, take a look around the web and see what others charge. Then account for your basic overhead and see what you think you'll need in order to make a profit. Choose beforehand what you want to make as a profit, though. Perhaps 5%.


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    The most important thing is to charge an amount that people will pay. It would be silly to charge more than that. From there, decide how much your work is worth.

    I can't imagine your overhead is that much, so 5% sounds way too low.

    If there are firms going it in your country, do some research on what they are charging and how good their work is. and then go from there.

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    Research is manditory, people arent going to buy from you if they can get it somewhere else for half the price.

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    it really depends on ur work .. and how much effort u put in and how good the quality is ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subliminal
    Research is manditory, people arent going to buy from you if they can get it somewhere else for half the price.
    I highly disagree. As somebody who regularly hires outsource work, price is never the deciding factor - the designers portfolio and skills are.
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    Hi Rabiit,

    This is how to price your work:

    Since you are doing work that can be transmitted using the web, you don't have to
    only work for your geographic area.

    If you do need to do bids that reflect your area, look at some of the boards that
    hire talent, such as elance. Look at the jobs and bids from folks near your area.

    Most folks that deal with bid acceptance will get between 5 to 10 bids for one project.
    They will automatically trash the lowest 2 to 4 bids and consider the rest.

    The above means that you don't want to be the lowballer; also, you don't want to
    be the highballer, either! It's best to hit the bids right in the middle price range.

    After that, the portfolio and presntation, together with any referrals you have,
    will get you the job. Once your business grows and you happen to land some good,
    fat corporate accounts, you can inch your price up a bit.

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    Usual web designs i do go around $99 to $200 for initial setup depending on complexity.

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    It depends on the number of features to be incorporated into the website. Static pages is not that much expensive

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    I want to help you but I am very sorry that I also do not very clear about that.

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