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Thread: Domain name and no Server URL

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    Domain name and no Server URL

    There has be something I am doing wrong.
    My site is zach-braff.com but it's server is members.cox.net/zachbraffsite/index.html
    I got the domain name and have it masked so on each page at the top of your brower in the address bar still says zach-braff.com
    However when you run your movie over links you see the 'members.cox.net' name. Is there anyone to have to show zach-braff.com/filename.html
    That is how all the other .com sites have it. I could just type in the URL on each link but I like my site to also work if I am viewing it right off my harddrive.
    Also, looking at my hits a lot of people are finding my site on Google. Google has the members.cox.net server listed a lot, almost every page on my site. However zach-braff.com only appears once..the index page.
    I rither people find my site by going to zach-braff.com (or zach-braff.com/anyotherpage.html)
    I don't want people to see my members.cox.net name at all. Hide that as muh as I can.
    Also to get the zach-braff.com to appear in the address bar on all my pages I had to us masking that was sit up when I got the domain name (said click here to mask the URL). It seems this adds a frame page to the site. BUt its not on my server. I hear its best to NOT have a frame page. How can I masked members.cox.net with out using frames?

    Short story, I dont want my server members.cox.net to be seen. I want zach-braff.com used. its more professional.

    any help at all?

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    You cant use domain forwarding and masking to do that. You have to have a real web host who gives you DNS names to point the domain to. When you mask the domain it will only redirect to members.cox.net and not actually allow you to go zach-braff.com/page because it only redirects to the index.html.

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