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Thread: new logo design, what do you think??

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    new logo design, what do you think??

    Hey everyone,

    Haven't been on in a month or so but I'm back.

    Could some of you give me some advice on this logo I've been working on all day?

    I realize that this is the Adobe Photoshop section. I made this logo using Adobe Illustrator and being that there isn't a section for that and this section is Adobe related, I thought I would post it here. Anyway, I'm rambling now.

    Here's the link.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
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    I like it.

    I like the color scheme of each. Pick one depending on the color scheme of your site.

    For print purposes you might want to do a black-on-white one.

    It is simple but eye-catching

    Just a tip though: I would, IMHO, stay away from the green color scheme for your website though. It's fine for just the logo and it matches but I think that would turn my stomach if used on an entire website.

    It's very clean and easy-to-read.

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    I know this thread is old but I would like to see the banner!

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    This is old? Why did you bump it?

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    Very old, i'll close it...
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