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Thread: Do you want to send this error to Microsoft?

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    Do you want to send this error to Microsoft?

    Hi guys,
    Many times it happens with me that I am working on 4-5 IE windows and all of a sudden this message pops up and the moment I click on OK , all Windows gets closed. I am sure, many other are also having this problem. Isn't it annoying? Why it actually happens?
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    I am pretty sure that it happens during debugging errors, I think it happens when possibly an antivirus software is detecting malicious activities during your browser and forces your browser to shut down. This happens to me in such cases, not quite sure about others.
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    A lot of time it happens when IE tries to run Javascript or some other code that is malicious.

    And yes it is very annoying.

    At least IE gives an error message though. I use Netscape and it just closes the window randomly with no error or anything.

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