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Thread: A Problem with Apache + PHP

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    A Problem with Apache + PHP

    I've installed Apache server (2.0.48) and PHP (4.3.4) and I've encountered this problem when trying to get variables from the address bar (don't know any other way to describe it).

    for example:


    it can't get the id variable from there. i don't know if the problem is with apache settings or php.ini.

    thanks in advance.

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    Web Junky Matt is on a distinguished road
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    Check out phptriad:


    It has Apache, MySQL, and PHP. (Really easy to install, a few clicks and its all setup)

    Hope this helps
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    Full Member dzone is on a distinguished road
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    I know what causes this problem. It's the high security settings in PHP's configuration file.

    Check out register_globals value in php.ini. If you want all your variables to be globalized turn it on and I think that your problem will go away.

    Nevertheless, I would recommend you to learn the secure PHP programming (with register_globals = 0). There is no much things to do... Just get your GET vars from the superglobals like $_GET["id"], POST vars as $_POST["id"] and so on...

    Hope that helps,
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    ok, thanks for the help

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    Full Member dzone is on a distinguished road
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    IMHO, use Apache 1.3.x.x...
    2.x.x.x doesn't goes well with PHP.
    Huh, somebody should test the 2.x.x branch otherwise it would never became as stable as 1.3.x, right? But yes, for production purpose Apache 1.3.x is better at the moment IMO.
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    ok, good to know. i've always used the latest and greatest, but seems like the latest isn't always the greatest. :P

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    yes you said correctly, i agree that latest is best but not for Captcha. i like PHP language, It is very interesting.

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    hey everyone

    simply dropping by to say hi

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