Hi Everybody!

Well, I'm feeling much better now!
I had a severe cold that kept me down
a few days.

Anyhow, this is what I'd like to find out:

I'd like to know what has been the

general membership's experience with

the resource box placed at the end of


These are some of my experiences:

(a) My article gets published without a

resource box.

(b) It gets published with the resource box

but only a text link. It was submitted to the

publisher with a html link.

(c) It's published with my name only and

no mention of my Website or a link of any


(d) One half of the times I've complained to

the particular Webmasters, they removed my

article rather than fix the resource box.

It seems to me that writers get a raw deal

from article submission. The publishing

Webmasters grab your content without

taking the few extra minutes to insure full

compliance with the article use agreement.

Is there a way to alleviate some of the

problems described?

Since 50% of publishing Webmasters delete

the article rather than comply with the

agreement; is there a way to keep it from

happening, in the first place?

Iím very concerned because my Website is

dedicated to Newbies that may not know how

to copy and paste a link.

What would be your approach?

Thank you!

Francisco Aloy