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Thread: Flash Banner Templates

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    Flash Banner Templates


    I am looking for flash banner templates. Can anybody point me the direction of a site that sells them cheaply ?
    I need to be able to modify the wording to suit a chosen site.

    Basically looking for a couple of 120x60 and a couple of 468x60 for banner ads.

    I have Macromedia Flash MX but cannot get my head round making them myself.
    It seems to me that I would save a whole lot of time/money buying some premade ones !

    Thank you

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    Active Member WorldBuilder is on a distinguished road
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    I didn't know of any off hand, but...

    Google is your friend!

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    Full Member Sothink is on a distinguished road
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    Try this tool, which offers lots of banner tamplates, as well as text animations and flash buttons, albums.

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    Newbie Alice Susan is on a distinguished road
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    I have used the programme the upper introduces. Good, it is. You can get your head round by using it as it uses conveniently indeed.

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    A well designed flash banner can always attract more eyeballs and clicks, than a static image that remains still. Most banner ads you see on major portals such as Yahoo! are Flash banners.

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    Full Member craig is on a distinguished road
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    Check enthoeosweb and pixel2life.com websites

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