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Thread: How do I display correct size of site to every viewer?

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    How do I display correct size of site to every viewer?


    This site rocks lots of very helpful information, keep up the great work.

    My question is this:

    I already created my site using PSD, did the "save optimized for" with html and images output. The size of one page is

    Image size =
    width 750 pixels height 900 pixels.

    I'm using Dream weaver to fine tune it, and want to make sure the pages can be viewed correctly, no matter what screen size they have. I heard there is a way to code it, so no matter what size they have at home, your page will view perfect. I think it has to be in "percent" and not "pixel". I'm not sure, what would be the correct setup to have?

    Please explain where I enter this code, I'm not that new to moving around in photshop and dream weaver, but I'm no PRO either, so please try and take it slow.

    Much thanks to all who read this, and for those that do help.


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    Well, I have never made a page with PS, nor do I use DW.

    Generally, there are two ways to make sure pages display properly on MOST screen sizes.

    1. Use percentages for div's table widths, span's, etc... Using pixels fixes an object, which is good, but can be a pain. However, percentages don't work with images because images are whatever size you made them. A browser won't squish an image for you. If you need to resize an image, you have to do it TO the image.

    2. Write a javascript to sense screen resolution and redirect to a certain page. The trouble here is that you need multiple copies of the same page, all at different sizes.

    Generally, the best thing you can do is just write a page, then test it yourself at different resolutions, and playing with it until you get what you want.


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