Amir Ali Tayyab
e-Marketing and Writing since 1987


Amir Ali Tayyab is an experienced and professionally qualified marketer and writer since 1987. His marketing and writing expertise and portfolio is introduced briefly as under;


Since 1987, Amir Ali Tayyab has been striving to become the most accomplished internet marketing and advertising professional, with an ability to manage brands and boost their sales online. He has been serving individuals and corporate clientele with strategic e-marketing services, creative development, and technology integration. He can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience in integrated digital advertising, CRM, webvertising, email marketing, and SEO proficiency. In addition to this, he can keep your management well informed and articulated in web advertising by becoming your voice and face on industry boards & contributing to industry media "knowledgebase" on an ongoing basis.

Regarding your services, He can help you offer management of online media client, new business development, and staff development. He has international certifications in online media advertising and marketing along with a Masters degree in information technology. Majority of his services have so far been utilized by Blue Chip clients worldwide. With more than 18 years of performance-based progression to senior level executive management , he offers well-honed proven abilities as an e-marketer and a driver of strategies that have consistently delivered record-setting gains in sales, profits and market share.

Details of his background and contributions are documented, and it is with complete confidence that he presents them as representative of the value and return on investment he will bring to you or your clientele. He is very much excited to see a possibility of becoming part of your team and being able to "click your success".


With more than 18 years of performance-based progression as a top writer in international business environments, Amir Ali Tayyab offers well-honed proven abilities as the visionary, creator and presenter of business, technological and legal content writing/research assignments that have consistently earned global recognition by its target audience.

Perhaps most critical to this success has been his innovation and resourcefulness in solving the diverse challenges and problems that he has faced related to any kind of writing/research assignment. Whether charged with writing a research report, proposal, business plans, comprehensive documentation or just an article related to business, technical or legal industry, he has delivered.

He can take on even a small one-day assignment, or work on an on-going writing assignment. Web is a his frequently used library and he researches it thoroughly before writing on any subject. He has a firm understanding of the saying that "Customer is a King" and he proves that by attaining 100% satisfaction goal. He is usually cited by his clients for clearly explaining complex technical concepts and the ability to learn new technologies quickly and in depth. Briefly put, he helps you "click your success".

For more about him, see his attached resume. He is ever-ready for a personal meeting, internet chat or a voice conversation over phone. His contact information is;

Amir Ali Tayyab
Writer and Marketer since 1987

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