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Thread: Good places to find new clients

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    Newbie jud is on a distinguished road
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    Thumbs up Good places to find new clients

    These two sites have been a major help to for both finding new jobs to work on and finding help when I needed it.
    Scriptlance GetAFreelancer

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    Active Member bluzman32 is on a distinguished road
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    Nice find, I'll be sure to use it if I'm ever in need.

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    Full Member webdesigners123 is on a distinguished road
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    Pleas also consider our website: http://www.webdesigners123.com
    You can find there freelance web designers (and programmers) that will be happy to offer their service while keeping your budget low.

    Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions you think will make our service more beneficial to you.

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    Newbie MACC is on a distinguished road
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    Check your sources

    These sites along with others are a great way to get a project done
    be it either an application or just a quick website update. However
    one still needs to check where they are getting their applications
    built and designed. Some licenses are not seen the same in different
    parts of the globe as in the US. Just like the pirated DVD market.
    If you have something made from a company overseas then it is shipped
    over to the US it now contains code that would leave you open to
    lawsuits and a real big headache. More than if it stayed overseas.
    Heres some example cases that have done just this and have not checked
    what was inside of their products.


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