Howdy y'all...

I'm typing this from the local library computer because ma and pop shun the idea of computers. They thought I should quit school after eigth grade because I wasn't big enough for football and they needed help on the farm. In the end, I convinced ma that school was best and my pop backed off.

The librarian, Ms. Feckles, is a very nice lady. She taught me to design websites with the books that came second-hand from Mr. Geoff's little store downtown. So far I'm learning PHP but this whole Internet thang is massive,

Well...Ms. Feckles had a stroke on New Years (All that dancing on tables!) and she can't hardly talk anymore. So I am looking for some friends who also know PHP, because I'm getting stupider each day that I don't practice. Shoot! Pa's comin rihgt up the street. Well, I got to bolt.