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Thread: Please Review ParasHaria.com

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    Newbie ParasHaria is on a distinguished road
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    Please Review ParasHaria.com

    Please review www.parasharia.com - the site is hand-coded in xHTML and CSS.

    Please test across all browsers where possible and test out the accessibility features.

    all feedback will be appreciated...

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    Full Member farmer_Tom is on a distinguished road
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    Your site is fairly well designed but you shouldn't advertise web design services until you have designed a portfolio. You also want to cite any credentials you have in the web design field (i.e., a degree in computer science or IT) as it will be helpful in gaining a customers trust. Overall, the site is good work.
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    Newbie Eddy Bones is on a distinguished road
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    I think the site is nicely designed and works very well, but if I was a customer looking for a designer the index content would turn me away.

    Your site is obviously there so you can introduce yourself as a designer and tell us your vision. Your site is obviously there so we can hear about your credentials. As a client we wouldn't care what you used to make your own site - we care that it looks nice and that you can make our site the same way. So why do you tell us all that on the index?

    I would not say any of that without offering a suggestion. If it were me, I would jump right into the point. I would get right in to the vision you have, get right down to your marketing strategy and why people should hire you and not someone else. Don't tell us what we already know, tell us what is beneficial to use hiring you.

    Overall, nice site. It's just that beginning part that throws it off - the most critical part of it all.
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    Full Member colorspots is on a distinguished road
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    I would list your services on the home page instead of the other stuff.

    Hit the visitor with what your site is about instead of them digging for it. Use http://www.parasharia.com/services/ as the home.

    The design is great. Simple and useable.

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    Newbie danburzo is on a distinguished road
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    I think you should try to reconsider using that gray in the page. It really doesn't fit with the other colors try something like #DBCDB3.

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    Full Member RAJO is on a distinguished road
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    enlarge the (home, portfolio) and use other color then gray for (font seize) word

    and i think u need to wider a bit the page and use relevant picture then the chair photo
    else good design

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