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Thread: Table issues

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    Table issues

    here is my issue I have a table with ... well here's my explanation

    there are to TRs and the first has three TDs, two of them are using rowspan of 2. The other one which is the first one is using a colspan of 2. The bottom TR is using two TDs with no rowspan or colspan but the issue is that the TD with a colspan of 2 in the first TR is stretching the longer the two TDs with rowspans gets.

    the code:

                       <td colspan="2"><img src="images/sub_lft_logo.gif" width="189" height="215" /></td>
                        <td rowspan="2" id="vShadow"><img src="images/top_shadow.gif" width="6" height="5" /></td>
                       <td rowspan="2" id="contentArea">content</td>
                        <td id="leftNav" valign="top"><img src="images/nav_lft_ps.jpg" width="126" height="113" /><img src="images/nav_lft_pi.jpg" width="126" height="131" /><img src="images/nav_lft_hsn.jpg" width="126" height="119" /><img src="images/nav_lft_taf.jpg" width="126" height="125" /></td>
                      <td valign="top" id="hOrange" class="clearing">&nbsp;</td>
    Any help is greatly appreciated and my apologies for confusing anyone.
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    Sorry, but I don't understand the problem. The table looks like I think it should, according to the HTML provided. Could we see it in the page where it's supposed to be? And do you have a drawing or something of what it's supposed to look like? Thanks.

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    Do you have a WSIWYG handy? I find that they're great for drawing tables and pasting the code elsewhere. Though I hate Front Page in general, it has great table drawing capabilities.
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