released Flash Encrypt v1.2

This version includes multiple layers of encryption with the user able to select which layers to use for better compatibility. Just when you thought that it could not get better or more secure.... we did it again. Flash Encrypt is now the most widely used Flash protection tool on the market today with over 62,000 users.
Flash Encrypt v1.2 is exactly what designers have demanded for so long. Flash Encrypt gives your SWF files created by Flash™ total theft protection from decompilers on the market today. All though there are a few different protection products out there that say they protect your Flash files, they only use Obfuscation. This works to a point, however most decompilers today have ways around these scheme which is why Flash Encrypt is the first to use actual encryption and a new technology developed by us called "Crash On Demand". Crash on demand is used to crash decompile software when it attempts to open a SWF files that has been protected with Flash Encrypt.