Out of no where my boss tells me he is laying of most of the support staff. Wich means my only means of $$ is out the window. I got paid $25/week but at least it was enough to pay for my game server. Anyway, Im looking for a new job that will pay the same or possibly even greater. I have been in the web hosting industry for 2+ years and have a great amount of experience.

Customer Service (Billing Issues, Web Site Problems, Design Issues, etc)
Live Chat Software (AIM, MSN, etc)
Microsoft Netmeeting
Forum Moderation
I Am Willing To Learn Anything You Need
Fluent with English
People Person
Gaming Servers
Game Server Administration (InGame)
Game Server Technical Issues

Im just looking for some work that will give me enough pay to sustain the payments I have to make, $25/week is what has been working good.

If you would like to contact me my AIm screen name is Andym2001ok , and my email is blazingfury2003@yahoo.com