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Thread: Best Forum software?

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    Best Forum software?

    Hi guys,
    Out of the following,which forum software is most popular and what features makes it popular?
    3.Invision Power Board

    Apart from above, are there any other good forum softwares?
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    Active Member WorldBuilder is on a distinguished road
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    vB is the most popular by far for commercial sites because of it's stability, customization, and support.

    phpBB is very popular with webhosts who want to give away a free board with their hosting packages.

    IPB and SMF are great, too. I prefer SMF, personally.

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    Full Member Michael is on a distinguished road
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    We should add in a poll. IPB is really quite popular with younger clients because it has the avaiability of a reseller package and is much more customizable and user friendly then phpBB.

    As WordlBuilder pointed out vB is by far the most popular for corporate and commerical websites, and well SMF i guess is just a type of software which hits a small niche in that it has a couple of interesting and unique features which you either must have or can quite easily live without.

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    Full Member Ackoo is on a distinguished road
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    personally I like phpbb, but vB is def the best one.
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    Full Member Gargen is on a distinguished road
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    I would love to have vb its just not in my budget but yes phpbb is great

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    Full Member peter phillips is on a distinguished road
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    PhpBB is probably the best to start because it is free and open sourced. Once you get more traffic and you need more features, better security and support, you should switch to vBulletin. so basically it depends upon your budget and your preferences.

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