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Thread: Need Code; to stop copying photos.

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    Newbie meg is on a distinguished road
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    Smile Need Code; to stop copying photos.

    Hi I'm a new member.

    And I need the code to stop people from copying my photos, or stop view source.
    Does anybody know the code I can put in my webpage, or where I can get it?
    Thank you

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    Active Member WorldBuilder is on a distinguished road
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    Hello Meg, and welcome to WML!

    The short answer to how to do this is you can't. The slightly longer answer is that you can't if your pages use HTML.

    php and other technologies thwart this, but HTML is vulnerable. It IS possible to disable right-clicking with javascript, but this is useless because there are other easy ways to get the source through the browsers.

    If it's mainly images you want to protect, put a copyright notice on them, and watermark them in an app like Photoshop. That's what I do.

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    Newbie DMedia is on a distinguished road
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    Even if you stop them from right-clicking and viewing your code, it's impossible to stop people from hitting "Print Screen" and pasting it into Photoshop (or another image editing App).

    As it was said, your best bet is to put a watermark over the image so that it becomes very difficult to use anywhere else without seeing your watermark. Of course, if I really wanted to, I could get rid of a watermark, but that's 10 plus years of photoshop.

    I'd still go for the disabling right-click at least. It will keep abuse of your images minimal.

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    Full Member RAJO is on a distinguished road
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    i agree

    and as a great web graphic instructor once told me : "the designer who can'y protect his work isn't a good designer"

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    Full Member Gargen is on a distinguished road
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    yes most people if they cant right click will give up, also tagging them is good cause it will get you some traffic if they are stolen

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    Newbie thunderburung is on a distinguished road
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    yap, having watermark on the image is the best solution so far.

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