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Thread: Design Help?

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    Question Design Help?

    I'm wanting to recreate my existing site dynamically using php. I've got numerous of pages, each containing different articles. I want to only store this data once. So I could put it in a mysql db or just as html. I want to use the data on numerous domains. So I could use php include to access the html files, or connect to a db and get the data that way.

    I also want each different domain to have different meta tags, and that specific domain name listed in the title. I would also like to refer to the domain's name occassionally in the data stored above.

    Currently the links are .html and that is what is listed in most of the search engines, so I'd like to keep it that way.

    I'd just like some advice on the best way to set everything up. If I'm going about it all totally wrong, please let me know...

    Since there are numerous domains, it'd also be nice whenever making changes to only have to do it in one spot. And if I were to add another domain, simply use the same pages as the others and everything sync up nicely.


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    A database is usually the fastest possible solution....

    Could you explain in more detail about the different domains part?
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