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Thread: to blog or not to blog????

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    Newbie mustang is on a distinguished road
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    Smile to blog or not to blog????

    greetings , I require some advise and assistance from the good people of this forum , I am in the process of taking over control of a uncompleted website , I know HTML and have some basic javascript under my belt.
    The site involves a blog ( maybe ) for business and associations listings , the new businesses and associations must be sorted and posted by alphabetical order and then by type of business the organizations they fit into by category.
    how do I go about this ?
    is there an easier way ??
    please advise,
    many thanks mustang

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    Full Member Michael is on a distinguished road
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    You could try using a free, open-source blogging software such as WordPress or BBlog, i can only assume that both of the programs allows catergorisation of posted blogs, which i know for certain is enabled in the versions of WordPress and therefore should be, in rival software BBlog.

    Use Google to search for their downloads links, or just scroll down:

    Also take a peek at this page which has some reviews on weblog software, hosters and providers. The site is acclaimed so i would take what they wisely.

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    Full Member orangeacid is on a distinguished road
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    I wouldn't really class bBlog as compition to WordPress as it is based on wordpress.

    I've never used WordPress before but I found bBlog very simple to integreate and fairly simple to create templates for - you just need to learn a little php. Not much.

    And, yup, it does support categorisation, and is insanely simple to install.

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    Active Member WorldBuilder is on a distinguished road
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    Definitely, absolutely use WP. I love it. You wanna see customization? See sig!

    WP is amazingly customizable.

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