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Thread: Wanted to ask a question or two please.

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    Lightbulb Wanted to ask a question or two please.

    Hi everyone. hope all is well.

    I wanted to know if there was a location here where people like myself who offer free webhosting services for Automotive Enthusiasts could post a topic about our site.

    This may help to answer my question. Our site is a free site, theres no ads, no popups and no commercial content. Were not even selling anything. We just wanted to offer this service for people who just want a website to post their photos or videos and other stuff to. I'm an Automotive Enthusiast myself and just tired of all the hosts who do offer free websites like Geocities where theres ads all over the place. well we dont have that.

    I'm not sure if theres a charge to post such a link here or not or if my website actually has to be a business that charges people.

    I'm finding it hard to get visitors for the simple reason because I dont have advertisements or banners all over the place so we need to try and find places that will allow us to post what we offer on their sites.

    So if theres a forum thread here that i can leave a short description about what we offer here please let me know which one it is or if you or anyone else knows of a nice site which allows such a thing please let us know as well.

    Okay,.. well thank you.


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    black dark..
    what is it?
    and u used frames, it's bad
    u can split ur page without the need of frames

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