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Thread: Difference between two way linking and three way linking

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    Two way linking-A two way linking or reciprocal linking is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic.
    Three way linking-A three-way link exchange refers to a kind of reciprocal link exchange among three domains instead of two. A reciprocal link exchange that is so popular today among webmasters is mostly a two-way linking.

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    Difference between two way linking and three way linking

    One Way link Building Contains Free Links means you are submitting in directories, classifieds, forums, social bookmarking websites.

    Two way Link Building Contains Link Exchange its also a part of link building, but the main thing for two way link building is placing a link of another website at your site.

    3 Way Link Building helps you build links while avoid reciprocal link building and other types of penalties resulting from it.

    They way it works is that you give Website 1 a link to Website 2.

    Website 2 gives a link to Website 3.

    Website 3 then gives a link to Website 1.

    In the end, 3 websites have links to each other, and yet none of them are reciprocal.

    Google will not penalize you for using this method, as long as all the sites are somewhat related.

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    Two way links provides mutual agreement between two web sites to display the other's link somewhere on their website.
    Three way link building takes the link from other web site and in return you provide back links from one of your other website.

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    2-way link building generally refers to a reciprocal link building where you take a link from the same site whom you link on your website. A 3-way link building refers to linking to a third website in exchange to the another website to your website. 3-way link building is most preferred as they are considered more close to natural linking in Google.

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    Two way linking (Reciprocal linking) is when Site A links to Site B and Site B in turn, links back to Site A.
    Three way linking is when Site A links to Site B, Site B links to Site C and Site C links back to Site A

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