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Thread: women tend to have longer life than men

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    Smile women tend to have longer life than men

    Melissa Healy Los Angeles Times

    "Women are keepers of each other's secrets, boosters of one another's wavering confidence, and co-conspirators in life's adventures. Through laughers, tears, and an exhaustible river of talk, they keep each other well, and make each other better"

    "Women tend to have longer life expectancies than men because they are more social in the way they cope with stress"

    Friendship buffers life's transitions, boosts immunity, promotes healing, and lowers blood pressure, according to studies. It also gives the feeling of being connected too a supportive network and prevent loneliness. Lonely people get sick more often and do not weather changes in life as well as those who have a support network of friends or family.

    Men are more likely to deal with stress with a 'fight or flight' reaction- with aggression or withdrawal. These take a physiological tool. Friendships bring comfort that mitigate the ill effects of stress. That difference alone contributes to the differences in long evity.

    What do you think guys?

    Do you agree?


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    I can't say that I disagree, for the most part. There are always the exceptions. So, I guess that means I agree.
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