I'm looking for some help in the area of ASP/MSAccess. I'm kinda new to working with databases and am asking for some help. There are 2 peticular things I would like to be able to do at this moment. I'm only working with ASP\HTML and MSAccess so please stay with with that.

1) I would like to create a simple database that holds information such as company name, phone, and address. And then at the top of the page will be a drop-down menu which if you choose something out of the drop down menu it will only show those items in relation.
For example.... down-down = automotive. So it will list all automotive stores, phone numbers and addresses.

2) want to figure out how to create a form\survey that you enter information into. Once you click "Submit" it enters all that information into a database(s).

If someone could please help that would be great. As I mentioned I'm kinda new in this area and would love any help you have to offer.